Program Documents

Program Guidelines – The Program Guidelines describe program eligibility requirements and the C-PACE application process. The Guidelines include a Project Application Cover Sheet and Document Checklist.

Application Documents

The following documents are required as part of an application for C-PACE financing. Please read the Program Guidelines for further information:

Application Coversheet and Checklist
Certificate of Eligibility
Disclosure of Risk
Mortgage Lender Consent to C-PACE Assessment
Certificate of Eligible Improvements
Certificate of Eligible Improvements Attachment

Closing Documents

Template Assessment Contract – After a C-PACE project has been approved by INCOG, this document will be executed by the C-PACE borrower, capital provider, and county government as part of the closing process.

For County Governments

County FAQs – Frequently asked questions by local governments on the Oklahoma C-PACE Program. This document focuses specifically on the needs and concerns of local governments in opting into the Oklahoma C-PACE Program.

Template Resolution – This is a draft county resolution to establish a C-PACE program. The draft reflects references to the Oklahoma state statute. In addition to passing a resolution, participant counties will need to sign a memorandum of understanding with INCOG for program administration. Please contact us for a copy of the template agreement.

Other Tools and Resources

C-PACE Toolkit from US Department of Energy – The C-PACE Toolkit is a resource provided by the US Department of Energy’s Better Buildings program to provide commercial building owners and occupants the information needed to take advantage of this financing mechanism to fund efficiency and resiliency improvements for their buildings.