Participating Counties

C-PACE in Oklahoma requires authorization from county governments before the program can be active in a particular county. Counties can opt into Oklahoma C-PACE at no cost to county governments. For more information on how to join the Oklahoma C-PACE Program, please visit our page For County Governments.

Launched only in spring 2021, the availability of C-PACE is rapidly expanding throughout the state.

As of March 2024, the following 18 counties are in the Oklahoma C-PACE Program: Tulsa, Canadian, Cleveland, Comanche, Creek, Garfield, Lincoln, Marshall, Payne, Pontotoc, Pottawatomie, Rogers, Seminole, Sequoyah, Washington, Wagoner, Woods, and Woodward.  Additionally, Oklahoma County’s C-PACE program substantively duplicates the state-wide program and is administered by the Oklahoma Industries Authority.

The map also identifies those counties which are/may be in the process of opting in.