Development of the Oklahoma C-PACE Program

Webinar #1:
C-PACE 101: An Introduction to C-PACE
This webinar occurred Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The archived slide deck is available here.

This webinar provides an opportunity to learn how Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy, or “C-PACE,” financing raises the value of commercial property, reduces utility costs, creates business opportunities for the construction industry, and increases economic development through secure lending.

Content includes:
• The fundamentals of C-PACE financing
• The C-PACE transaction structure
• The benefits of C-PACE
• The C-PACE application process
• What is the Oklahoma C-PACE program?

Target Audience: Property owners, financial institutions, contractors, local government officials, economic development professionals

Webinar #2:
Developing C-PACE in Oklahoma
This webinar occurred Tuesday, June 30, 2020
The archived slide deck is available here.

This workshop-style web event builds on the previous introductory webinar to C-PACE in Oklahoma and will include opportunities to contribute to the program guidance manual.

Content includes:
• Introduction to C-PACE financing
• Legislative history of C-PACE in Oklahoma
• Introduction to INCOG, the program sponsor
• How to create a statewide C-PACE program
• Drafting the Oklahoma C-PACE Guidance Manual
• Opportunities to contribute to the Guidance Manual

Target Audience: Members of the real estate industry, engineering and contracting industry, financial industry, and economic development officials.

Webinar #3:
Oklahoma C-PACE: Benefits and Implications For Local Government
This webinar occurred Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The archived slide deck is available here.

The Oklahoma C-PACE Program invites local government officials and staff to join this webinar on C-PACE financing. C-PACE can be a new tool in your economic development portfolio, but each county needs to first “opt in” to this new program. This web event will explore how C-PACE financing can benefit your counties and communities. The webinar will detail the role of local governments in establishing and administering a C-PACE program, with a close look at which responsibilities can be outsourced by local governments to third parties and how INCOG is working to streamline the startup process for you.

Content includes:
• Fundamentals of C-PACE Financing
• Legal Background on Oklahoma’s C-PACE legislation
• C-PACE program roles: program sponsor, program
• administrator, and local government
• C-PACE transaction structure
• The county’s role in establishing a C-PACE program
• Program Documents
• Case Studies

Target Audience: Municipal and county tax and economic development officials, county commissioners, and staff.