Participating Capital Providers

C-PACE financing is offered by private capital providers. Rates and terms are set competitively in an open market.

The following capital providers are registered providers of C-PACE financing to prospective borrowers in the Oklahoma C-PACE Program. A provider’s name on this list does not serve as an endorsement of their services but is provided for informational purposes.


Lender Contact Email Phone Financing Minimum
Brave Star Capital LLC Brent Wright  [email protected] 918.729.5690 $500K
Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate Eric Alini [email protected] 855.431.4400 $1M
Nuveen Green Capital Sean Ribble [email protected] 469.688.2335 $2M
Imperial Ridge Real Estate Capital Joel Poppert [email protected] 720.219.8340 $1M
LordCap Green PACE Coordinator [email protected] 212.400.7142 $250K
PACE Equity Bert Belanger [email protected] 405.823.1089 $500K
PACE Loan Group Bali Kumar [email protected] 347.836.3328 $250K
Petros PACE Finance Rachel Davis [email protected] 832.489.2788 $500K
Stonehill Strategic Capital Allison Neary [email protected] 585.683.6944 $1M
Twain Financial Partners Erik Lintvedt [email protected] 314.300.4201 $1M
Bayview PACE, a division of Silver Hill Funding, LLC Fred Lee [email protected] 917.206.8032 $500K
Ygrene Energy Fund Capital LLC Ryan Moore [email protected] 312.560.1005 $500K
Dividend Finance Jacob Roth [email protected] 858.800.2369 $250K
Poppy Bank Matt Mustaro mmustaro@poppybank 707.548.4605 $1M
Inland Green Capital LLC AnnaMaria Kowalik [email protected] 630.586.6058 $250K
Forbright Bank Michael Lemyre [email protected] 415.816.4966 $250K
Sustainable Equity LLC Byron DeLear [email protected] 314.445.7911 $250K
Commercial PACE Finance Colin Keyes [email protected] 856.761.5348 $1M