For Local Government

C-PACE financing boosts the economy and creates jobs by funneling private investment into C-PACE enabled communities. C-PACE is a government policy based on the principle that commercial energy and resiliency projects such as installing solar equipment or improving a buildings heat recovery system are public benefits like sewers, roads, and bridges. C-PACE authorizes counties to work with private capital providers to provide upfront financing to commercial property owners for qualifying improvement projects.

C-PACE drives private sector investment in your community, creates jobs, facilitates the renovation or redevelopment of older buildings, and helps your county meet efficiency and clean energy standards.

What are the costs to the county?

The Oklahoma C-PACE Program requires no government funding and minimal administrative lift.

The program is offered by INCOG at no cost to local governments. Participating capital providers provide the funds for C-PACE assessments; they also bill, collect, and enforce any delinquent C-PACE assessment payments. INCOG administers the program and accepts and reviews applications for C-PACE financing on behalf of the local government.