Oklahoma C-PACE Program Guidelines are Complete!

For Immediate Release

October 23, 2020

Contact: Nancy Graham| 918-579-9418 | ngraham@incog.org

We are pleased to announce that the Program Guidelines for the Oklahoma C-PACE program are complete! The full text is available for download here.

Thank you to the Oklahoma C-PACE Steering Committee, stakeholders, lenders, and C-PACE experts and others from across Oklahoma and across the country for taking the time to provide us with your comments and feedback. Your input has made the program stronger and we are greatly appreciative of your time and effort.

Please note that C-PACE in Oklahoma is enacted at the county level through an enabling resolution. This document will serve as the C-PACE Program Guidelines for all counties in Oklahoma opting-in to Oklahoma C-PACE.

We are currently working with a number of counties to enact C-PACE. The program will be active in these counties in the coming weeks. If you have a potential C-PACE project and have not reached out to us to see if we are currently working with the relevant county regarding C-PACE, please do so. If you represent a county interested in enacting C-PACE, please let us know. Our staff are available for informational meetings to assist any county in establishing C-PACE in their community.

We look forward to fully launching Oklahoma C-PACE in select counties very soon. Thank you for your interest in this exciting program.